20+ Keto Breakfast Ideas

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Whether you want a hearty breakfast, a muffin or a savory breakfast for dinner type solution, you’re in the right place for Keto Breakfast Ideas.

These tried and true Keto Breakfast favorites have been collected over the last couple of years. There’s a big variety so bookmark this post so you can keep your menu fresh and stay on track with your health goals.

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Low Carb Cereal Recipes:

Sometimes you just want an easy, comforting bowl of cereal. You can still have it…it just doesn’t come in a colorful box. These whole food, Keto Friendly cereals will start your day off right.

Keto Breakfast Cereal
Keto breakfast cereal – as grandpa used to say – needs to stick to your ribs. It is also a real plus if it tastes good. This recipe brings back fond memories of Wheatena.
You could go all day on this stuff. Try it with bulletproof coffee.
Check out this recipe
Keto breakfast cereal recipe gluten free high fiber

This nod to our coconut loving readers will warm your belly and keep you full all day long.

Easy Keto Coconut Porridge
Warm and filling stick to your ribs breakfast. 5 Net Carbs per serving
Check out this recipe
Easy Keto-Friendly Hot Porridge recipe Breakfast cereal gluten free

So, Im’ma come clean about this recipe right now. It’s made from cauliflower. But, before you click away just think of the slightly sweet, cinnamon-ny goodness you’ll be missing out on if you don’t give it whirl. (I thought it was weird too but I LOVED IT)

Keto Hot Cereal (Cream of Not-Wheat)
This hot and creamy cereal is good. I know it is unconventional but it's tasty, healthy, filling and easy. Those are the criteria that I look for in a breakfast cereal. This breakfast porridge will warm your belly on chilly mornings and fill the void of those carb laden cereals that you have left behind.
Check out this recipe
Easy Keto Hot Cereal recipe gluten free low carb

Cold, creamy and convenient. This chia pudding can be made ahead and eaten on the way out the door for our super duper busy friends…

Keto Pecan Pie Pudding Recipe
This delicious, healthy pudding turns your favorite high carb holiday dessert into a festive treat that you can have anytime. It's got a creamy texture and rich flavor that's perfect for either dessert or breakfast.
Check out this recipe
Keto Pecan Pie Pudding

Keto Stove Top Ideas:

OMG. This is delicious and tastes cleaner than the original Corned Beef from your pre-keto days.

Low Carb Corned Beef Hash
Crispy corned beef and radish hash makes a great breakfast or breakfast for dinner meal. Even the pickiest eaters will love this traditional dish made low carb. Amazing with eggs and low carb bread. You can use leftover corned beef from St. Paddy's, canned or deli style corned beef.
Check out this recipe
Low Carb Corned Beef Hash FI

The burrito is the ultimate “to go” food. You can keep these in the freezer and heat them up whenever you need a quickie Keto Breakfast meal.

This burrito is THE BOMB smothered with this homemade Pico de Gallo.

Low Carb Breakfast – Eat Now or Freeze for Later
Who doesn't love a a spicy, hot and delicious breakfast burrito? These easy, make ahead burritos can be heated up in a flash and make a tasty lunch too. Make them one day and your family can have a hearty, low carb breakfast all week.
Check out this recipe
Low carb Breakfast Burritos

If making an omelet intimidates you, look no further. These simple tips and easy Keto Breakfast idea will have you making omelets like a pro.

Perfect Omelet
Easy to make Omelet, perfect for keto, LCHF, Low carb and gluten free weight loss.
Check out this recipe

Make sure you check out the ingredients and keep them on hand if you’re a french toast lover.

Quick French Toast Recipe
This french toast recipe is quick and easy but still has the flavor that you're looking for. In about ten minutes you'll be eating your french toast. I don't think you can make traditional French toast in that amount of time. It's low on carbs and high on flavor.
Check out this recipe
Luscious Keto French Toast for Two ~ Tasty 10 Minute Meal

Four ingredient egg tacos. As far as Keto Breakfast Ideas go, this one has a lot of bang for your buck.

Keto Cheese Shell Egg Tacos
The Keto Cheese Shell Egg Tacos are my favorite keto breakfast. They are quick and easy to make. One pan four ingredients, and they will keep you satisfied all day.
Check out this recipe
Keto Breakfast cheese shell tacos recipe gluten free

Make enough to share with your family…because they’ll want some once they start smelling them.

Keto Low Carb Pancakes Recipe
A breakfast favorite reborn without the carbs.
Check out this recipe
Low Carb Pancakes recipe, Gluten free coconut flour

Biscuits and gravey = pure comfort. Nuff said right?

Keto Biscuits and Gravy
Your trusty keto biscuits and gravy recipe can be used for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try this versatile keto dish to keep you satisfied! Learn how easy it is to make this dish!
Check out this recipe
Keto Biscuits & Gravy recipe low carb gluten free breakfast

Low Carb Baked Breakfast:

These Keto French Toast Muffins are delicious slathered in butter.

Keto French Toast Muffins Recipe
If you miss French Toast, the Keto French Toast Muffins will be just the craving killer that you have been waiting for. Your whole family will love them. and as a special bonus they are really easy to make.
Check out this recipe
Fluffy Keto French Toast Muffins Recipe low carb gluten free

These buttery cinnamon rolls are easier to make than you think.

Keto Cinnamon Rolls
Delectable Low Carb Cinnamon Rolls with the icing recipe included.
A fantastic low carb treat when you need something sweet but don't want to cheat.
Check out this recipe
Irresistible Frosted Keto Cinnamon Rolls Recipe

The crispy crust, juicy sausage and jammy egg center make this traditional pub snack the perfect to go breakfast.

Keto Air Fryer Scotch Eggs
Crispy fried sausage that envelops a hard or soft boiled (shelled) egg. This dish is a popular British pub or picnic food that's commonly served cold. We have fallen in love with this dish and serve it hot for breakfast, snack or dinner.
Check out this recipe
Scotch Eggs FI

Yes please is all I have to say about cinnamon doughnut muffins as a morning pick me up.

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Muffins
A doughnut is coffee's best friend. And you don't have the miss that just cause you're Keto. These Keto Cinnamon Doughnut Muffins are perfect with coffee. Easy to make and everyone will love them.
Check out this recipe
keto cinnamon donut muffins recipe gluten free low carb

This Keto Breakfast idea is great for breakfast or dessert.

Keto Lemon Blueberry Muffins
These muffins are easy and Low Carb. They also go great with a cup of coffee. Lemony and sweet, but not too sweet. Perfect for dessert, an afternoon snack or breakfast!
Check out this recipe
Keto Lemon Blueberry muffins recipe gluten free low carb

Keto Waffles:

Hey chocolate lovers…..we see you!

Super Easy Keto Chocolate Chaffle
Looking for a delicious chocolate waffle, here is the recipe you're looking for.
Check out this recipe
Keto Chocolate Chaffle recipe gluten free low carb

What a treat! You can share this Keto breakfast because it’s so filling!

Keto Churro Chaffles Recipe
Crispy churro chaffles for breakfast or dessert. This filling, low carb chaffle is a treat at any time of the day.
Check out this recipe
Cinnamon Churro Chaffles FI

You can make these and freeze them for later too!

Keto Oat Fiber Waffles
Oh man are you going to be happy today! These oat fiber waffles are a fantastic low carb way to start your day (or have dinner for breakfast). This recipe makes crispy and fluffy waffles just like the ones that you loved Pre-Keto. Even the Non-Keto Kids will love them! You can feel good about sharing these healthy waffles too!
Check out this recipe
Low Carb Waffles

Does Pumpkin Spice ever really go “out” of season? Maybe…but not for long.

Scrumptious Pumpkin Spice Chaffle
This scrumptious delicious mouthwatering pumpkin spice chaffle is super easy to make, and they really are that good.
Check out this recipe
Pumpkin Spice Chaffle recipe keto gluten free low carb

Check out this Keto Copycat Egg McMuffin!

Easy low egg McMuffin made in the microwave. This one is quick enough to make on a weekday too!

keto egg mcmuffin

Or, just make the Keto English Muffin and eat it with a dollop of creamy butter; this Keto English Muffin Recipe takes about two minutes to cook.

Keto English muffin made into a sandwich with spinach, egg, cheese and tomato

That’s all for the big Keto Breakfast Idea list! I know you’ll find something you love here! And, if you love the Keto Breakfast idea list, you’ll love these lists too…

Ta Ta for now!


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