How to Make the Perfect Omelet

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On the Keto diet you might find yourself eating a lot of eggs – and that’s great! Eggs are good for you.

They consist of about 3% carbs, 33% protein and 64% fat.  Fry those in a little bit of healthy fat and you have a perfect Ketogenic/LCHF food.

If you are like me and love a good omelet, but you aren’t quite sure how make an one, this is the post for you.

I will show you how to make an omelet – the perfect omelet.

It’s easy – you don’t need to be a fancy French chef or anything like that.

You just need a frying pan a stove and about 10 minutes.



Perfect omelet ingredients

I always tell you to get all your ingredients together before you start so that you don’t forget something.

But in this case it would be pretty hard forget anything

There are basically three really obvious ingredients: Eggs, cream and cheese.

Then salt & pepper.

If you are an “egg white” only egg eater than adjust your egg whites accordingly.

A Note on Cheese

I love cheese.  I think it is a food group unto itself.

I enjoy all kinds of cheese, from pepper jack, cheddar & mozzarella to blue cheese, feta and brie. There is almost no cheese that I don’t like.

You can put any kind of cheese you want in an omelet.

Be creative. 

I had spinach artichoke cream cheese dip leftover from the 4th of July BBQ, and I used that for the cheese ingredient.

More Choices … Like Spinach

Spinach omelet

I love to add spinach to a cheese omelet, and it’s easy to do.

If you want spinach on your omelet, just add it on top of the cheese.

Ooooh, and I love a good feta and spinach omelet – these flavors belong together.

There are all kinds of ingredients that people like in omelets, just make sure to have them cut up and ready.

When your doing your Keto food prep for the week, prep some things to put in omelets if you think you’ll be having them more often.

We usually have green onions and tomatoes cut up for salad so I throw those on my omelets too.

Don’t forget all of the other salad-fixin’s sort of stuff like olives, peppers, broccoli, fresh herbs, avocado, kale (if you’re into that). 

I have even put lettuce in just before folding it over – it’s like an omelet salad.

Meat Choices for a Great Omelet.

There are of course the old standbys: bacon, ham and sausage.  There’s a reason they’re the most common choice, it’s because they are delicious.

But let’s remember all of the other salted meats: pastrami, pepperoni, salami, prosciutto.  It’s not my thing, but I have even heard of bologna omelets.

Cut pepperoni in small pieces, and pair it with mozzarella and some Italian seasoning, and you can make a wonderful kind of pizza omelet.

Fajita omelet omelets are great. 

Why the Heavy Frying Pan?

When making an omelet – or frying almost anything – it works best if the pan stays close to the same temp the whole time.

If you have a really light pan, it will heat up quickly and then lose all that heat as soon as the eggs hit the surface.

A heavy pan is also a kind of buffer between the burner and omelet, it slows the heat down and evenly spreads it across the cooking surface.

This is important for an omelet because you want it to cook evenly and all the way through without burning the bottom.

The Best Frying Pans

  • Cast iron frying pan. 

Seasoned and washed correctly (i.e. washed without soap), this is the best non-stick frying surface.

I clean my pan first by scraping the surface with a spatula, then rinsing with hot water before giving it a good scrub with a brillo pad, but no soap.

This leaves an extremely smooth , black non-stick surface.

  • Stainless Steel

I know that there are some of you out there who may have a problem with soap-less pan washing.

But, you can always scrub it with salt and rinse…it won’t ruin the seasoning.

Or you can always use a good heavy stainless steel pan.

A note about non-stick pans

The non-stick/Teflon pans that you can buy everywhere are not healthy.

They contain a plastic polymer coating of something called polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). When heated above 500 degrees this releases carcinogenic gases.

Use a Good Spatula

A good spatula is made with stainless steel and has a good handle that has some sort of grip.

It needs to be stiff enough to pick up and flip something like a 1/2 lb. burger.

It also needs to be thin and sharp enough that you can scrape under more delicate foods like an omelet or a fried egg.

There is nothing more frustrating than a bad spatula.  

Here is the one I use (I don’t know why it’s called a lasagna turner)


Make sure the pan is all the way hot before you pour in the eggs.

  • You should get a loud sizzling when the eggs hit the pan.

This will make a very thin crispy outer layer to your omelet.  

I use a well seasoned iron pan that I have had for years ( I have been making omelets for a long time).  

I put it on the medium-high flame dry (without oil), and when it is hot enough there is a little wisp of smoke.

hot pan

When I know the pan is hot, I add the oil/butter and start omelet-ing.

If you are new to this, wait until you think the pan is hot enough, and then wait about another minute or so.

You can always do the water test…just flick some water into the pan from your fingertips and if it dances, jumps and sizzles, you are ready to go.

  • Before you put the eggs in the pan spread the oil/butter 

When you have added the oil/butter pick up the pan and swirl it a bit, this will spread the oil to the edges and a little further up the wall of the pan.

If you do this, your omelet shouldn’t stick to the pan at all, and you will be able to just slide it out onto the plate.

  • Don’t worry too much about burning your omelet.

When you make an omelet in a nice heavy pan, it’s pretty hard to burn it.

If you think it might be done but you’re not sure, put the top back on and let it cook for another minute or two.

Even if you already folded it, you can slide it to the center of the pan and put the top back on, and let it cook a little more.

I have had omelets that I though were burned because I forgot about them while I was making coffee – they turned out fine.

What goes with an omelet?

  • Toast

Back in my non-keto days, I always liked to have a little toast with my omelet. 

I still do, and I will tell you that either the Oat Fiber bread or the Almond Flour yeast bread make fantastic toast.

  • Salsa

Any salsa you can get with no sugar added is probably good. read the label to check for carbs.

I like the Kirkland Organic Salsa.

  • Hot Sauce

Hot sauce – like cheese – should have it’s own food group.

The beautiful omelet that you see in the pictures I shared with Ada. She El Pato Jalapeno on her half and I had Sriracha on mine.

Cheese Omelet


Perfect Omelet

Easy to make Omelet, perfect for keto, LCHF, Low carb and gluten free weight loss.
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Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 5 minutes
Course Breakfast, lunch
Cuisine American, French
Servings 1
Calories 595 kcal


10″ frying pan


  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tbsp. heavy cream
  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil butter or olive oil will also work.
  • 1/2 cup cheddar cheese, shredded You can use whatever cheese you like.
  • Salt, Pepper & Spices To taste.


  • Put a heavy 9-10" frying pan (I recommend an iron frying pan) on medium-high heat and allow to get up to temp while you are prepping the ingredients.
  • Crack Eggs into a small mixing bowl, add cream, salt, pepper and any other spice you like.
  • Use a fork or small whisk to beat this mixture fast and thoroughly.
  • Add oil to the frying pan and spread with a spatula. The pan should be hot, but I usually check by flicking a tiny bit of water at it – if it is hot, it will pop.
  • Give the eggs a last little beating and then pour all of it into the pan. If your stove is not level, wait about 5 seconds and turn the pan 180° – this will evenly distribute the mixture over the whole pan.
  • Add the cheese evenly over the top of the eggs, and cover.
  • Let it cook with the lid on until the cheese is completely melted. This should take 3-4 minutes.
  • When the cheese is melted and you can see that the eggs are mostly cooked, use your spatula to fold one half one half onto the other. It will be easy to do if you circle the outside to ensure the edges are unstuck, and run the spatula under the half that you are goin to fold over.
  • When you have it folded, put the lid back on and turn the burner off, and let it sit in the pan for a minute or two. This will allow the eggs to cook completely so your omelet will be light and fluffy all the way through.
  • After a minute or so, use your spatula to slide the folded omelet to the middle of the pan. Then pick up the pan, and slide the omelet lengthwise onto a plate.
  • Enjoy.


Calories: 595kcalCarbohydrates: 2gProtein: 31gFat: 52gSodium: 544mgNet Carbs: 2gFat Ratio per Serving: 78.66%Protein Ratio per Serving: 20.84%Carb Ratio per Serving: 1.34%
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