Is Breakfast Important on Keto?

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I got an email this week from a person who asked what I thought about Bulletproof Coffee for breakfast.

My answer: I think it’s a great Keto choice.

Keto Breakfast Most Important meal of the day3

But it got me to thinking – there’s a lot more to a great Keto breakfast choices than first meets the eye.

The word “breakfast” obviously means to start eating again after the “fast.” ie. break your fast.

Even though, technically it is wrong to say I have black coffee for breakfast. Why? It has no calories and for our purposes I’m going to call the first thing you do when you get up “breakfast.” K?

Keto Breakfast Most Important meal of the day Best Keto Breakfast

The Best Keto Breakfast

What is the best Keto Breakfast? The answer is simple. It’s nothing.

Seriously, if you can hold off on eating any calories (and no sweeteners) you’ll like the benefits.

Water, tea with nothing in it, or black coffee will keep your insulin levels at fasting levels because you will still be fasting.

If you can continue your fast until afternoon or later, you’ll start to see the benefits of intermittent fasting.

I do this and it works for me, but I also know that this doesn’t work for everyone – like Brenna.

She needs to eat something or have some calories with her coffee or her stomach gets sour. Even just a few almonds will do it.

The Best Keto Breakfast with Calories

If you need some calories – something to keep your stomach busy – the best thing you can do is eat fat.

This is why I said that Bulletproof Coffee is a great Keto Breakfast because the calories are all fat.

Fat raises your fasting insulin by less than 2% which for all intents-and-purposes is nothing, so it is like you’re continuing your fast.

Pretty Dang Good Keto Breakfast

If you’re looking for more of a complete-meal sort of breakfast, you can add some protein – something like bacon and eggs or an omelette.

Protein raises your fasting insulin levels by about 40%, which is not usually enough to kick you out of Ketosis.

Protein for breakfast will keep you full and satisfied just like fat, and you do need to eat some protein to maintain muscle mass.

Keto Breakfast Most Important meal of the day Best Keto Breakfast

The Takeaway

When and how you break your fast – what you consume when you first get up in the morning will set the tone for your day.

Breakfast – even at “dinner time” – Is the most important food decision you make. It is the most important meal.

The best Keto Breakfast for you is the one that works best for you.

I like to just drink black coffee first thing – that works great for me.

Brenna usually has a few almonds or scoop of peanut butter – that keeps her stomach feeling good and maintains ketosis.

You might like butter, heavy cream or coconut oil in your coffee.

If you like Chia Seed & Hemp Heart Cereal that’s great too – lots of fiber.

Above all, enjoy your breakfast and enjoy being healthy.

That’s all for now.

Enjoy Today, and Keto On,

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