About Us

Hi There!

Thanks for checking out our “About Us” page.

I honestly didn’t think anyone would ever read this…which is why I didn’t get around to until our blog was six months old.

But apparently some of you want to know who you are talking to in groups and comments so…fair enough. I didn’t think anyone cared lol.

About Us @ Castleinthemountains.com
This is where we call home.

Plus, it feels a little bit weird writing an About Us Page. I mean…are we supposed to humble brag about how cool we are? Blech.

Our dogs think we’re cool. And, just look at how awesome they are…

Little Buddy
This is our Little Buddy. He is the calm and lovey dovey one.
Effie is our clown. She worries that some people don’t get her sense of humor. But I think her smile is beautiful.

What else can I say about us……

My name is Bran and I started this blog in 2018 as a way to share Keto Recipe’s and Health that I thought might be useful to readers.

My husband Thom has been poring over the Keto Diet since he discovered it in 2018. He writes all the Health and Keto Diet Tips on CastleintheMountains.com

He’s an awesome researcher and has figured the Keto thing out from top to bottom.

Thom is THE Keto Expert.

His has learned how to fit a healthy Keto lifestyle into a busy life.

He lost forty pounds on the Keto diet while working 40-60 hours a week and being a great Dad.  He loves to talk about Keto and the amazing benefits.

With Keto he’s been able to stop all of his medications …yes he cured his High Blood Pressure and Gout. He uses food like medicine and you should see how he enjoys taking his medicine.

He can answer your questions and help you get into a Keto habit.

My -Brenna’s – favorite part the Keto venture is the awesome Keto Dessert and Bread recipes that I get to try out in the test kitchen.

We know that planning is one of the most important ways to stay on track with Keto and this includes keeping the menu interesting.

We try out new recipes to keep it interesting for everyone. 

I have an MBA in Finance and love geeking out on how businesses work and learning about new tools to make it easier.

Although, I rarely get to post about them because I have been so busy learning about the million facets of blogging.

I also hold a Nursing Degree from what seems like another lifetime ago. My specialties were Geriatrics and Trauma but Geriatrics was what I enjoyed most.

We live in the High Rocky Mountains of Colorado and Thom and I have been together for 18 years. We have a Teen daughter, Ada that we home school since all of the universe went awry in 2020.

This is our collective page. 

We are very different individuals that go together like whiskey on the rocks…complementary, but vastly different.

So that’s us:

Thom- The health nut and ever curious adventurer that would travel anywhere on a seconds notice.

Thom Collins
Thom looking svelte after 6 months on the Keto Diet

Bran- thinks she’s funny and is a somewhat potty-mouthed, self-appointed bossy pants.

Brenna Ring
After the Keto Diet haha.

Ada- A part time team member and good natured kid who rolls with the flow. She is obsessed with snow sports.

A Bomb
Normally a quiet Teen, Ada is a Rockstar in her element and loves this sport with the kind of passion most of us would kill for…I think she would sleep out here if we let her.

Mission Statement

To contribute meaningful and helpful advice and fantastic recipes to those who want to lead a healthier and more productive lives.

We want to create a  community where we can share awesome Keto recipes to keep ourselves and our readers on track with their health goals.


Thom, Bran & Ada