18 Keto Mexican Recipes

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Keto Mexican recipes are easier than ever thanks to the availability of low carb tortillas and replacements for those high carb frijoles. If you love Mexican food but have been cutting carbs to lose weight you’re going to love these recipes….

Keto Mexican Recipes Post


This roasted chicken, sometimes called a “Roadside Chicken” in Mexico is the perfect star of the meal. And, it does double duty because you can use leftovers to make a lot of the following recipes. Think tacos, burritos, or even low carb flautas…which is a bit further down in this very list.

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Mexican Roasted Chicken
If you've ever wandered the streets of any city in Mexico, you know what this recipe is and your mouth is already watering. Hang on to your sombrero because this tender juicy chicken explodes with flavor.
This is the baked version of the spicy chicken you'll find on roasting on spits in every large market from Cancun to TJ.
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Mexican Roasted Chicken Recipe FI

Talk about easy peasy! Fish tacos is one of the easiest Mexican Foods there is. It takes about 15 minutes to make this recipe from start to finish.

Make sure you have some low carb tortillas on hand. The whole family (Low carb or not) will love this recipe.

Simple Low Carb Fish Tacos
This simple Fish Taco Recipe packs a punch. It only takes a few minutes to get this dinner on the table. Perfect for weeknights. You can cook the fish in your air fryer or on a cast iron skillet.
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Low Carb Fish tacos FI

I can’t believe how many times I have heard people say “I’ve never tried Albondigas”. It’s an amazing flavorful soup and if you try this it just might become on of your favorites.

Plus, there’s a story after the recipe on this post that involves a goat standing in the middle of a dining room table if you like that kind of thing…

Keto Sopa de Albondigas Recipe ( Keto Meatball Soup)
This soup is packed with flavor and will warm you up from the inside out. If you have never had Albondigas (Al-bone-di-goss) then you are in for a treat. This is a tried and true recipe that I have been making for years and it's a hit EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have Ketofied it to be low carb but it's just as delicious as ever! The secret ingredient in the meatballs gives this soup a one of a kind flavor straight from Mexico. Half of the cooking time is passive simmering of deliciousness.
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Keto Mexican Meatball Soup recipe gluten free low carb

Crispy isn’t the way that people usually describe low carb meals. But this Mexican Recipe has plenty of crunch. If you miss flautas and taquitos that aren’t made with cheesy shells, you’re going flip. Plus, it’s easier than you think to pull this recipe off.

Baked Low Carb Chicken Flautas
This easy low carb chicken flautas recipe is a game changer. The spicy shredded chicken rolled in a crispy, baked tortilla topped with melted cheese will make you forget you've gone low carb. You can have your flautas and flan all while staying in Ketosis!
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Low Carb Chicken Flautas

This is the quintessential set and forget Keto Mexican Recipe. Make it for breakfast, an easy lunch or even for dinner. It keeps well and makes an easy portable lunch for long days at the office.

Vegetarian Low Carb Chile Rellano Bake
Hearty Low Carb and Keto Friendly – Chile Rellano Casserole is a set and forget baked, casserole dinner that is perfect for busy weeknights or make ahead meals. It's filling and packed full of flavor. Any beginning chef can pull off this recipe.
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Low Carb Chile Rellanos Casserole FI

There are so many fantastic flavors in this dip that you could just eat it with a spoon. Or with veggies, low carb chips and Mr. Tortilla. This family approved layered dip is also perfect for pot-lucks too. (We just might get to do those again soon). So book mark this recipe.

Seven Layer Nacho Dip – Low Carb
Satisfying classic seven layer dip with all of the flavors you love without the carbs. This is a dish that the whole family will love.
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Low Carb 7 Layer Nacho Dip FI

While this isn’t technically a “Keto Mexican Recipe”, I still think it qualifies. Coloradoans are intensely proud of their green chili. Recipes like this have been guarded for generations.

But I don’t believe in that whole “secret recipe” nonsense. Great food is for sharing and this one is fabulous.

If you love “secret Recipes”, check out this favorite Low Carb Petty Aunt Pie. It was once one of those “guarded” family secrets too. I recreated it to be lower carb and just as tasty.

Low Carb Colorado Green Chili
If you have never had Famous Colorado Green Chili you are in for a treat. This recipe outlines how to make Keto Colorado Green Chili taste EVEN better than the original recipe. This is a cure all for hangovers and flu in Colorado. And, it's a great make ahead meal.
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Low Carb Colorado Green Chili recipe gluten free low carb

This Keto Mexican Recipe is one of our most sought after recipes for celebrations like Christmas and birthdays. They are delicious and require a couple of special ingredients. So read the post and have the secret ingredient on hand for when the urge strikes.

Low Carb Tamales Recipe
This is a recipe that replicates the Masa Harina in tamales with a fat-head type of dough. Since going Keto I have missed my Christmas tamales. I have not included the filling in this recipe because the choices are endless and many people already have a favorite.
But I will add some suggestions for meat fillings in the post tips.
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low carb tamales recipe fat head gluten free keto

The crock pot is the simplest of ways to make tender, shredded meat for an authentic tasting taco night.

Easy Pork Carnitas Recipe
If you like tacos, you will love this recipe.  
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crock pot carnitas recipe keto gluten free low carb

Is this recipe authentic Mexican fare? Nope. It’s an Americanized dish that appeals to picky kids and adults alike.

Easy Keto Taco Pie with a Cornbread Crust
This taco pie is tasty and filling. The cornbread tastes like actual cornbread without all of the carbs and this satisfying dinner only takes about 15-30 minutes of prep depending on how many toppings you want.
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Yo Keto Taco Pie recipe gluten free nut free 1

Tinga sauce is the real deal. This is the taste of old Mexico that will make you forget you’ve gone Keto.

Low Carb Chicken Tinga Recipe
This fiery sauce will spice up your chicken to make the tastiest low carb tacos ever. You can keep this sauce in the fridge for up to three days and it freezes really well for quick weeknight meals.
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How to make low carb chicken tinga


Frijoles Borrachos are possible if you use a special bean, a black soybean that is. If you miss drunken beans or beans in general you’ll love this recipe.

Low Carb Frijoles Borrachos (Keto Drunken Beans)
Savory and spicy with just a hint of sweetness. This Drunken Bean Recipe is the low carb version of the classic Mexican Frijoles Borrachos side dish. This is the perfect low carb side for any Mexican meal.
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Low Carb Frijoles Borrachos FI

That’s right. Keto refried beans exist! The high fiber is a huge benefit to low carb eaters but the taste is good enough that you’ll forget how healthy this recipe really is.

Low Carb Frijoles Refritos – Refried Beans
Low carb frijoles refritos is a Keto friendly recipe with healthy Black Soy Beans as the star of the show. They are the perfect low carb – high fiber ingredient because they pick up whatever flavors you add in (just like any bean). If you miss beans, this recipe will be a welcome addition to your low carb arsenal.
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I hate cauliflower! But I love this Spanish Cauliflower rice. The spices and special method of cooking drowns out “that” taste. So, it’s a win/win.

Spanish Cauliflower Rice
This is a really easy Spanish Cauliflower Rice recipe that takes a few minutes to make and is an excellent side dish for taco night. You can make this side in under ten minutes and the flavors are true to the original version of this dish.
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Low Carb Spanish Cauliflower rice FI

I used to feel guilty for even calling this easy method of making tortilla chips a “recipe”. But it’ll save you a lot of money on pre-made Keto snacks so I’ve gotten over it.

The Easiest Keto Tortilla Chips Ever
These are so easy that I almost feel crazy for making a recipe. If it helps anyone out than it'll be worth it though. These only require one ingredient and a few minutes of your time.
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Low Carb Tortilla Chips recipe Keto gluten free


While this drink is technically of Cuban decent, I think this fantastic Keto Cocktail needs to grace this list. If you can’t make it to the beach, take this out to the pool and you’ll practically be able to smell the sea-spray.

Keto Mojito
Born in Havana Cuba, the Mojito is a bright tropical cocktail.  The beach awaits.  And with the Keto Mojito you can have the beach body to go with the minty lime cocktail.
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Keto Mojito FI

Classic, cold and refreshing. Make it whipped or on the rocks. This drink goes with any of the other recipes on this list like it was made especially for them.

Keto Margarita
The refreshing taste of Mexico's most famous cocktail is now part of the Keto lifestyle.
Check out this recipe
Copy of Keto Margarita fi

🌶️Condiments & Sauces

If your thinking, meh “I can do without pickled onions”. You just dont know what your missing. Try them once and you’ll crave their amazing crispy, tanginess forevermore.

Quick Sugar Free Pickled Onions
This easy pickled onion recipe is perfect for topping Mexican dishes, burgers, wraps and sandwiches. It's easier than you think to pickle onions and they'll keep for a couple of weeks.
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Sugar Free Pickled Onions

Apparently I thought everyone knew exactly what Pico de Gallo was when I wrote this recipe. I didn’t even give it a description.

What is it? A spicy fresh salsa made with incredibly healthy ingredients. It’s a staple. It’s a masterpiece and so versatile that you can change it up with whatever you like. For instance: add fresh avocados and boom, you’ll have Avocado salsa. Add berries BOOM, it’s tropical. You get the idea.

Pico de Gallo
Check out this recipe
pico de gallo FI

This final Keto Mexican Recipe is perfect for the grill. Whether you soak shrimp, steak or chicken in this easy marinade, you’ll have the makings of a fiesta!

Low Carb Fajita Marinade
This simple marinade is amazing and works for low carb fajitas or fajita bowls. Add some low carb tortillas, fresh avocado and pico de gallo for a fantastic fiesta.
Recipe credit: My lovely sister in law Patricia – an amazing, naturally talented chef whose skills were even further enhanced at Le Cordon Bleu in Peru.
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Low Carb Fajita Marinade FI

You know what would go great with this list of recipes? The very best Keto Cocktails for Summer List!

    And if you need a little help staying on track with Keto or the Low carb lifestyle we have those resources available too.

    If you’re still looking for even more easy low carb recipes…

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