5 Easy Fat Burning Exercises that You Can Start Today

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Easy Fat Burning Exercises

Fat Burning is the whole point of Keto

It doesn’t have to be difficult take a lot of time or cost any money to get moving with these 5 Easy Fat Burning Exercises. Done properly, Keto is a healthy way for you to be a fat burner.  To lose weight and get so many of the other great benefits you are going to want to speed up this process. Right?. When you get into Ketosis you might want to burn a little extra so you can lose weight faster. At Castleinthemountains.com we know that y’all want do the best you can with the time and ability you have. Here are five fat easy fat burning exercises that you can easily fit into your day. This post is mainly for time-crunched beginners who are just starting or restarting an exercise program, but if you’re looking for some light exercises to add to your day…. read on.
When you first get into Ketosis you will lose some significant weight really quickly. That’s one of the best benefits and one of the main Signs of Ketosis. The bad news is that the beginning weight loss is mostly water.  The good news is that means you are on your way to becoming a full fledged fat burner. At this point the extra calories you burn by exercising and working out will be from fat. If you are not in Ketosis yet you’ll burn sugar while you exercise. This is a good thing too. While You’re Exercising:  Obviously you burn more energy while you are working out, but not as much as you would think. After you Exercise:  Your body will need energy to recover, maintain and build muscles.(You might be hungry. Plan to eat some healthy fat.) You’ll also Increase Your BMR:  Exercise combined with a good Keto diet will increase your muscle mass and improve the blood circulation and the function of your vital organs.  This will increase the amount of calories you burn even while you are resting.

How Exercise Burns Fat

1. Yoga

I put this one first because it is my favorite – I do it almost every day. Your average 30 minute yoga session will burn about 90 calories. It is a great all-over workout that improves circulation, flexibility, and even can help build muscle. For Keto purposes, moving every part of the body will motivate fat cells to give up the triglycerides along with water weight. No matter what shape you’re in, yoga can be tremendously beneficial. I know that Ashton – the woman in this video is really fit, but don’t intimidated, you can start from where you are.  She even tells you how to make the poses easy so you can work up to as good as you can get.
YouTube video

2. Walking

Walking is as easy as falling off a log but – I recommend walking without the falling off of a log part. A 180 pound person burns about 100 calories per mile, and 120 pound person about 60 calories per mile. Walking just 20 minutes a day can improve your mood, release endorphins, increase your energy and improve your memory. Walking is super convenient.  You can do it anywhere in a park, in the mountains, in the mall, on a treadmill in your house. Walking naturally syncs with your fitness level – the instruction to “walk at your own pace” is easy to follow. Walking can be social too if you walk with a friend. Here’s my walking friend. Ivan the Rottweiler Okay – he’s a dog of few words, if you want to get really social you may need a walking partner of the human variety.

3. Running

Maybe this should be called jogging in the easy-start-slow post. Your average 180 pound person will burn 150 calories per mile and the 120 pound person about 80 calories per mile. Running is a great way to get your heart rate up and get your blood pumping – it’s all the benefits of walking, just amped up a little. If you have been walking for a while, you just want something more or different you might want to start a running program. Running sounds like a simple thing – Brenna says if there is something chasing you, you’ll figure it out. But there are some things that you will want to consider before you start. Good shoes – here’s the ones that I like –  And how you will carry your phone and your keys. Check out this video, she does talk about eating “a light high carb snack” after a fasted run which I don’t think is a great idea. (Not everyone does Keto).
YouTube video
I think a fasted run is a great idea – I do them – and then if you have to eat afterwards I would recommend a high fat snack like this instead of a high carb snack.

4. Weight Lifting/Resistance Training

Weight lifting is great for both men and women. It strengthens the muscles and bones. An average 30 minute weight lifting workout will burn about 90 calories. Weight lifting is a great way to burn fat, build muscles and improve or at least maintain bone density. Especially for all you fantastic Keto women this is a great way to increase your human growth hormone, testosterone (yes women need it too) and this in turn increases you fat burning capacity. Precautions with weight training: if you are new to weights you should talk to  your doctor, start light, and be sure that you know the proper form for an exercise before you try it.  Weight training has great benefits, but if done improperly you can hurt yourself – and that would suck. If you want to read more about the benefits of weight training check out this article…11 Benefits of Weight Training That Have Nothing to Do With Muscle Size.

5. Thoughtful Conversation

Your brain uses – by far – the most energy of any organ in your body. This is more impressive when you know that your brain is about 2% of the weight of your body, and it accounts for 20 to 25% of energy consumption. Some parts of your brain require much more energy than others.  The part of your brain responsible for hearing and speech are big energy users. While you are engaged in a high energy mental function the energy consumption only increases by about 5-8% which doesn’t make that much of a difference, but your brain is like a muscle in that the more you use it the stronger it gets. And like muscles, the stronger it gets the more energy it will require all the time. So, if you spend more time in thoughtful conversation you will strengthen some of the big energy parts of your brain, and what that means is that your brain will burn more energy all the time (you will increase your brains resting metabolic rate!) And that means while you’re sleeping or sitting on the couch you will burn more energy too. This was a surprise to me. I even checked a number of sources, I have included some links below if you are interested in reading further. How Much Energy Does The Brain Use? Does Thinking Burn More Calories?

Why High Intensity is Not for Everyone

High intensity exercise is fascinating! Seriously, I could watch it for hours. Thing is, if I were to try some of that stuff, the best case scenario I would be tremendously sore for at least two or three days and worst case I would injure myself. There are some “high-intensity” exercises that I could do and that might be beneficial for me. Something like doing 200 yard sprints with 30 second rests between are good, but doing this kind of exercise would require good stretching and extensive warm-up. I learned this the hard way with a pulled groin and ruptured tendon in my calf. Bran learned this at the playground trying to do a random pull up in the snow after not warming up (or doing pull ups for a decade). I don’t want to discourage anyone from getting in the best shape ever, but please warm up and start slow. It can be really painful and put you behind if you don’t.

The Takeaway About Fat Burning Exercise

The best exercise is the one that you’re going to actually. Exercise can help you lose weight. Exercising your brain is just as important as exercising your body. Your brain burns more energy than any other organ and all exercise is beneficial to your brain. Building muscle by exercising will make you burn more fat while you’re sitting on the couch or even lying in the bed. If you have an emotional upset, exercise can be much more comforting thank comfort food.

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  2. I simply could not leave your web site today. I am reading all of your weight loss posts because they are pure gold and the recipes support the info. It’s rare to find this much information on one Keto site. Why are you not the Keto Diet Doctor? Your recipes are definitely better.

  3. These seem easy enough that I can add some into my day without any problems at all. I always think that “I’ll start tomorrow” and it never works so I am going to start today.