9 Signs of Ketosis – How to tell you’ve reached the first goal!

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When we first started down the Keto path we hoped we were doing everything right (we weren’t). But it helps if you know what the 9 Signs of Ketosis are so you can start getting on track.

Getting into Ketosis is going to be the first step on this weight loss and health journey so let’s get started!

9 Signs of Ketosis - Dog Breath

1. Dry Mouth, Bad Breath and Increased Thirst

When you first start on the Keto Diet you will lose a lot of water…fast.

Does Keto make you thirsty? YES. This is a good thing and you should bump up your water intake to make sure you are getting enough to keep flushing out those toxins and stay hydrated.

When your liver begins producing Ketones they are excreted through your breath and urine. Your breath will have a nail polish remover-esque smell and your urine might smell funny too.

This won’t last forever.  But I bet you’ve never be so excited about having bad breath. Which brings me to the next sign that you might be in Ketosis…

9 Signs of Ketosis 2

2. Increased Urination

You will have to pee. A LOT. When you start a low carb diet your insulin levels drop.

Insulin tells your kidneys to release sodium and water that you have been carrying around. This is actually where most new Keto Dieters start seeing some significant weight loss.

This is the first stage of ketosis; you are not full-fledged fat burner just yet…but you are on your way.

I have gotten the question, “Do carbs make you urinate more?”. No. It’s the opposite. A low carb diet will cause increased urination in the early stages of ketosis.

9 Signs of Ketosis 3

3. Digestive Issues

So this is where we have to talk about poop.

As you adapt to burning fat for energy you might notice some changes in your bowel movements.

Since you’re eating a high fat diet this could mean major constipation or diarrhea.

Eating enough fiber, drinking enough water, eating , more salt and some vitamin C seems to help both of these situations.

Some people don’t notice any difference at all. But eating fiber and drinking water also promote weight loss and keep your gut bacteria healthy so either way you are covered.

4. Decreased Appetite

Eating a satiating diet of high fat ketogenic diet will curb your hunger for hours on end.

This is also why intermittent fasting works so well in conjunction with a healthy Keto Diet.

Since you’ll be eating filling meals full of high-fat meat, fish, veggies and fiber you’ll notice that you might be able to go longer periods without eating at all.

9 Signs of Ketosis 4

5. Fatigue

What?!!!! I know that you have probably heard all of the tales of increased energy on the Keto Diet.

And the high energy will come. But in the beginning of ketosis you may feel tired…like really tired.

Your body is changing fuel sources.

There is a ton of metabolic processes changing. Your cells are burning the last of the the glycogen stores and your cells are getting depleted.

Your liver is ramping up to make ketones – something it may not have done for years, if ever.

You will most likely be shedding some toxins as well. Think of it as healing, because that is what it is. You’ll regain your energy soon. Hang in there.

6. Insomnia

Ha! Got ya again. I just said that the beginning of Ketosis might mean some fatigue.

But once you get in bed you might have some trouble sleeping.

This is frustrating symptom is temporary and soon you will be sleeping like a baby (another Keto Benefit).

You can see the long list of Keto benefits here in case you need some motivation to keep going during these difficult first days.

The insomnia is related to having low levels of melatonin and serotonin.

Your body is changing and you’ll need to be nice to yourself until you get everything re-balanced. Soon your sleep will be much deeper and you’ll require less sleep because of the higher energy levels (which is also a factor here).

9 Signs of Ketosis 5

7. You might be in Ketosis have a TON of extra energy suddenly.

You know that amped up feeling where you just can’t wait to get home from work to clean the house?

Me either, but stick with me.

Once your body switches over to burning fat instead of carbs you’ll notice huge increases in energy. This is your body running like it was meant to.

You are essentially “rebooting” your metabolism to where it should be.

Since you won’t be experiencing insulin spikes and crashes and your blood sugar has leveled out, you’ll just feel better all around (feeling great also gives people more energy, right?).

9 Signs of Ketosis 6

8. Weight Loss

You knew I would finally get here…it’s what most of us started this diet for.

It’s what ALL of us want.

Once your liver starts producing Ketones and you begin burning fat, you’ll notice some weight loss.

In the beginning you might notice a big drop in weight. Some people can lose between 10-20 pounds in the first month!!!

This doesn’t happen for everyone and there are a lot of factors that go into this equation.

In the beginning most of the weight will be water.

You’ll notice your clothes fitting better and some decrease in puffiness that you might have been holding onto while your body was recycling sodium.

You might notice a decrease in blood pressure during this stage.

If you are taking prescribed blood pressure medication you need to monitor this and talk to your doctor about your new lifestyle.

Thom (the Keto guy around here) took blood pressure meds for over a decade. Now, he hasn’t taken them for almost two years because his doc said he healed his high blood pressure.

How amazing is that?

9. You might be in Ketosis if you pee on a strip and it says you are in Ketosis.

We have never really been into peeing on expensive strips but if you really want proof that your ketones are going up, you can buy those here.

You can also get a breathalyzer which is a bit more accurate.

The most reliable way to monitor ketones is through a blood monitor but this involves pricking your finger so…to each her own.

The Takeaway

I hope this sheds some light on what to be on the lookout for.

The most important aspect of this lifestyle is being consistent. Try to do a little better everyday. (No one gets it right out of the gate).

Eat better, move a little more and get plenty of healthy food and rest. Speaking of being consistent. We offer a course that is geared towards just that…and it’s free.

Just check out the link at the bottom of the page. You’ll learn about what to do, why you need do and all sort of other goodies. Don’t worry, it’s all broken down into bite sized chunks and doesn’t feel like “class”.

Cheers and Keto on Friends!

If you need some help leaning about Keto, we have some great resources in out “tips” section.

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  1. I have been looking for an article like this because I am not going to buy pee strips. I cant see paying good money for something you pee on. I appreciate your style and paying attention to what people who are just starting out need to be successful with this plan.