20 Amazing Benefits of Keto Diet

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If you want to learn how the Keto diet can be a huge benefit to your health, you are in the right place.  A Ketogenic diet is low carb – about 5% of calories, it is moderate protein – about 20% of calories, and the rest of you calories – 75% will come from good fats.

What is the Keto Diet?

To be clear the keto diet is not just any low carb diet.  Keto is 75% of your calories from fat, this is the fuel part of your diet that trains your body to burn fat.  Most people need about 20% protein to maintain and repair muscles.  If you are trying to build muscle mass by intense weight lifting or some other training you may need more protein.  However, if you eat more protein than you need your body will turn it into sugar.  This can be knock you out of ketosis and make some nasty byproducts in the process.

While the biological processes are incredibly complex, the benefits are a great place to start thinking about whether this diet is a good choice for you. (Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about this too).

The science behind the Keto Diet speaks for itself but change is hard.

Losing weight takes effort no matter what approach you take,  but the Keto diet takes less effort and you don’t have to starve.

Yes, I miss beer and pasta. But I don’t miss running for miles everyday and never seeing a difference…seems like a fair trade.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. See how to do Keto on a budget here.

If this is not enough of motivator on its own just keep reading…I was amazed at how I felt after just a month on this diet and it keeps getting better (and easier).

The Awesome Benefits of Keto Diet

 1. Weight Loss

Of course this is the big one the reason that everyone goes on a diet. This is the reason that I went started Keto.  

before and after

This is me Before Keto, and 7 months into my Keto lifestyle. I was about 40 lbs lighter.

But diets suck and they don’t work. If they did work we would all  stick to them and you wouldn’t be reading this.

The Keto diet works! Our bodies have evolved for ketosis and fat burning.  In the ten thousand years or so of human evolution only the last 60 years have we not been subject to food scarcity.  We have thousands of years of evolution that has told us to crave carbs because they made us fat.  That way during the times when there wasn’t anything to eat we’d have our fat to burn.  In the last 60 years there are almost no Americans who can’t get enough calories.  Since our society is a wash in cheap, sweet, carby food that we crave we are getting fatter and fatter.

I lost 15 pounds in the first 30 days! I have lost 15 more since then, and I’m not the only one either.

 2. Appetite Control

I think the primary reason Keto works so well is that when 75% of your calories come from fat and 20% from protein you don’t get hangry.  You can reduce calories and burn fat without turning into an irritable ass-hat.

I don’t recommend it for other reasons, but you really could make this the bacon and cheese diet.  Contrary to what marketers have been preaching since the 1950’s, fat is a much better fuel for your heart, your brain, and your whole body.

When the majority of your caloric intake is fat and you enter  ketosis your energy levels stay constant.

When cravings are less frequent, you will eat less,  and then your energy will come from excess fat…the way it was meant to.

If you cut the carbs, you will not get hungry as often. I know, it sounds like bullshit but it’s true. I love to eat and I would not lie about this.

If you want clean burning, consistent energy instead a roller-coaster,  KETO is a better choice.

3. Better Mental Focus, Increased Memory and Cognition

Without the uncontrolled swings of the sugar cycle, it is easier and more natural to concentrate on other things besides the rumble in your stomach or the headache that your trying to avoid by eating another doughnut.

I can attest to this, I feel more focused than ever.

Our metabolisms are evolved for regular food scarcity and evolution is still a little behind the modern supermarket. The Keto Diet stabilizes the glucose levels in the brain. The sugar spikes cease and a large and growing body of evidence suggests improvements in a wide variety of neurological areas.

On a broad scale, Keto Dieters in studies report better focus, increased memory and cognition headaches (including migraines).

Doctors have been controlling epilepsy with the Keto Diet since the 1920’s. And there is growing evidence that Alzheimer and Parkinson’s disease symptoms are alleviated by burning ketones for most of the brain’s energy.

4. More Energy and Better Sleep

Ketogenesis will give you energy at a level that is constant and user friendly.

Keto Dieters have reported that by day four or five they feel less tired during the day and sleep better at night.

The energy from burning ketones is much more consistent and so you avoid the spikes and crashes of a sugar burning metabolism.

Think of it like the difference between driving across Kansas at seventy miles per hour, and trying to get to work on an LA freeway where you start and stop. Sometimes you go eighty-five, and sometimes you go twenty.

We all know the feeling. You have a doughnut for breakfast followed by some feel-good-get-stuff-done energy. Then you crash and spiral downwards.  So you have another pick me up, maybe a candy bar this time.  It is an addiction cycle.

Scientists are unsure as to how Keto works to help dieters sleep better.  But us Keto people do sleep better, maybe cause of less inflammation or maybe because our bodies are more relaxed generally.

The current theory is that the Keto Diet cause some biochemical shifts in the brain that decrease REM sleep and increase slow wave sleep patterns.

5. Ketosis Fights Insulin Resistance and Type II Diabetes!

Does this sound like BS? I thought so too.

How could this diet be a cure all for all that ails us?

Need proof? I did. Check it out…

There are over one-hundred and eighty-five published medical studies published here on pubmed.gov that contain the words “diabetes” and “ketosis” or “ketogenic” in the title alone.

These studies depict how this diet is saving people from disease.

Anything that could save me from “dis-ease” and improve my lifestyle is worth my time..

The quality of life alone should be enough to get everyone jump on the Keto train but there is even more…

6. Helps with Cholesterol

Get Rid of the Bad Cholesterol and Increase the “Good” HDL Cholesterol (This Helps Prevent Heart Attack and Stroke)

Eating more fat and decreasing carbs will reduce your blood cholesterol.  I know, that sounds counter intuitive but it’s true.

High cholesterol is not the result of eating fat. Your body makes LDL cholesterol in response to inflammation.  It is carbohydrates, particularly the highly processed sugar that is causing the inflammation. So, if you cut the carbs you can reduce the inflammation and reduce the cholesterol.

The Keto Diet has been proven in multiple studies to lower triglycerides (bad cholesterol). As it turns out, eating carbs and especially “fructose” increases triglycerides and raises blood pressure. It is your body’s healing processes response to the inflammation caused by sugar metabolism that is creating the cholesterol in your blood.

Some blood pressure issues are also related to obesity so the Keto Diet fights this conditions on both fronts.

It’s simple…less toxic buildup in the arteries allows blood to flow through the body as it should. This lessens arterial damage and lowers your risk of stroke and heart disease.

7. Keto Lowers Blood Pressure (Hypertension)

Blood pressure is related to the above category of cholesterol. But It is so important that I felt it needed it’s own spiel and there is more.

Clogged arteries cause blood pressure to elevate. High blood pressure strains your heart and can lead to a heart attack.

One in three people in the U.S. have high blood pressure. With the Keto Diet, you have a chance to get off of the meds for good.

People have been consuming a crazy amount of carbs. The typical American Diet consists of up to 85% highly processed carbs and sugar. EIGHTY FIVE PERCENT!

If you eliminate sugar and starch and reduce the level of insulin in your blood, your weight and blood pressure will go down and you can have a conversation with your doctor about stopping the meds.

The Proof?

I have been taking high blood pressure medicine since my thirties, around a decade or so anyway.

8. Get off the Meds

After thirty days on the Keto Diet I was able to stop taking my high blood pressure medication!

My blood pressure is stable and normal on its own. I will continue to monitor my BP as will my family doctor but Keto has not just been a diet for me…it has been a lifestyle change.

I don’t miss the cramps, dehydration, fatigue and headaches that came with that medicine. And, I don’t miss the price tag either.

(Do not attempt this on your own. Talk to your doctor.)

9. Reduced Inflammation,

Certain Cancers, Arthritis (Gout), Pain and Acne

Wow, that is a long list of unappetizing conditions that none of us want.

Inflammation in our bodies is caused by the metabolism of sugar, and the byproducts that it produces.  Diseases like those listed above feed on inflammation. There are more but this isn’t a book it’s a post.

One of the very first improvements people on the Keto Diet see is their skin, but it just keeps getting better.

In ketosis, that inflammation will go away.  I am not promising a cure all for those conditions.  But the evidence is mounting.

Additionally, there is mounting evidence that ketosis itself is an analgesic (pain killer).

I stopped taking my gout medication after being on the Keto Diet for 30 days and have not had a hint of a flare up…

I had my first gout flare up about eight years ago and soon started taking medication to prevent it.

Gout can be caused by a number of factors like obesity, dehydration, unlucky genetics, alcohol consumption, etc.

My family freaked out when I told them I was going on a high fat, low carb diet…but I haven’t had even a hint of a flare up since starting this diet.

And since my twenties I have had painfully stiff joints in the morning – especially my ankles – now they are not stiff.

10.More Benefits

These are not the only benefits! Studies have shown the Keto Diet to Increase Fertility, Promote Muscle Gain, Stabilize Vision and a Ton More…

This is an impressive list and the most important to me deciding to give the Keto Diet a try. It was tough the first couple of days because I wasn’t prepared.

Making sure you have the right foods in the pantry will be a huge help in keeping you on track.  I would also recommend getting some supplements at least for the transition period.

Like any big change in your health regimen, you should have a conversation with your doctor about whether the Keto Diet is right for you.

(Some patients with kidney, heart or gallbladder issues may not be able to go full out on the Keto Diet.)

For many people this way of eating is life-changing in the best way. It has been for me.

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You do not have to buy any of this stuff but I recommend that you do so that you can make sure you are staying on track with the Keto Diet.

You will need:

  • soft tape measure
  • food scale
  • body weight scale
  • ketone strips

Feel free to search around and find products that work best for you if you like, just make sure that they will make the Keto process easier…not more complicated.

And, if you want to bust a stall, check out how you can lose 10 pounds in 7 days without starving!

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