Keto Bomb Whipped Cream

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(Net Carbs 0)

In case you have never had it, homemade whipped cream is super easy to make and only takes a few minutes. You will never want to go back to the aerosol can version once you try this…

When I was a kid Cool Whip was all the rage. We were in an era where food processing was at it’s peak and we trusted that the USDA had our best interests at heart. Commercials depicted happy families gobbling up low fat food and no matter what else was in them, we considered them to be healthy because they were “low fat”.

The truth is that most anything that comes in a box or in an aerosol can contains toxic, hormone disrupting, cancer causing crap that you don’t want in your body.

The past is the past, and that is where we should leave our old ideas about food research…..

No one would have ever believed that a high fat, low carb diet could help you lose weight. My mother in law is still so skeptical that we try to avoid the topic all together because she cannot wrap her head around the idea of “healthy fats”.

The SAD (Standard American Diet) recommends 225-325 grams of carbohydrates a day for a 2000 calorie diet. No wonder our nation has a huge obese population. Carbs = Sugar in the body…sugar = fat production. Why would our “leaders” allow this? But that is a rant for another time…

The Keto Diet works, my husband is living proof. He has been off of medications that he has been stuck on for over a decade and is healthier than ever.

Annnnd, my dairy “allergy” no longer exists. I still avoid milk mostly because I have seen documentaries of the production process (eww). And, I don’t think adults benefit from it as much as the USDA tells us we do. But I no longer have to spend hours recovering if there is some cream or soft cheese in something that I eat.

I never knew it’s so easy to make real whipped cream….we never had it when I was a kid.

In fact, I hated whipped cream because it always gave me a stomach ache and ensuing…erm digestive issues.

Most dairy made me sick. Annnd, it made me break out like a nervous teenager.

Before I started on the Keto Journey with my husband I would have never EVER thought that heavy whipping cream would be a possibility for me.  Whipped cream made me sick. Like crying in the bathroom sick.

But homemade whipped cream with erythritol doesn’t. I must have something to do with the lactose in the cream AND the added sugar ( along with the nasty chemicals) combined. I don’t even get a twinge of a belly ache with this stuff.

Homemade Whipped Cream IS Keto Friendly…

Use as much or as little sweetener as you like. I do not like as much sweetener in my whipped cream so I only use 1/2 tablespoon of Swerve in mine.

Some people swear that you have to use the powdered variety, but honestly it dissolves in the cream anyway and I don’t notice a difference. If you feel like it does make a difference you can buy powdered Swerve or just grind yours in a spice grinder.

Erythritol sweeteners are what we use around here because it doesn’t have a weird aftertaste like some of the others. There is a cooling sort of effect but I like it.

Alcohol sugars are NOT metabolized like sugar and therefore don’t add any carbs to the mix either. This is super important for staying in Ketosis.

Make in Five Minutes..

You can’t even get to the store and back in that amount of time.

You need a way to whip the cream. A hand mixer will do the job, but my Kitchen Aid whips this up in minutes without hassle. (It’s fun to watch too).

Don’t  over mix or you will end up with sweet creme butter…which is awesome but not really what we are going for in this post. You just want to whip it long enough to be fluffy and form soft peaks.

You can easily do this with a hand mixer. It takes a little more effort but it works.

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Homemade Keto Whipped Cream recipe low carb gluten free

Keto Whipped Cream

Thom Collins
Whipped cream is super easy to make and so much better for you and the environment than the prepackaged stuff. You won’t ever want to go back to the aerosol version once you make this…
4.75 from 4 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 4 servings
Calories 103 kcal


Hand Mixer


  • 1/2 Cup Whipping Cream Heavy cream will work too.
  • 1/2 – 1 Tbsp Allulose (Adjusted to taste) * powdered -I dont like it too sweet so I use 1/2 Tbsp.


  • Put the sweetener in the mixing bowl. Pour the cream over the sweetener.
  • If you are using flavoring, dump those in before whipping on high until you form stiff, fluffy peaks.
  • That’s it. Enjoy! See the recipe notes for flavoring ideas.


Net carbs: 0

You can flavor this whipped cream if you like.


Add 1/2 teaspoon of cocoa powder, vanilla extract, or Ketologie Blueberry Creme to make an extra special treat.
You can use a bit of any extract to make something really special. Be careful because a little goes a long way.
A few drops of mint, orange or almond extract will flavor your whipped cream without overpowering your dessert.

Please note:
We don’t calculate alcohol sugars because they are not processed as carbohydrates. 
The nutritional calculations on this site were obtained from the USDA Database. We provide them as a courtesy and do our best to ensure the information is as accurate as possible. But you should feel free to do your own calculations if you like.


Serving: 0.25recipeCalories: 103kcalCarbohydrates: 1gProtein: 1gFat: 11gSodium: 11mgNet Carbs: 1gFat Ratio per Serving: 96.12%Protein Ratio per Serving: 3.88%Carb Ratio per Serving: 3.88%
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Let me know how your Homemade Keto Whipped Cream turns out…

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  1. Hi Megan! Thanks for your opinion. I’ll just say “Cool! You do you Boo!”. To other readers, do Keto for YOU – do what you need to so you can keep going on your health goals. . Cheers!

  2. You don’t need to add any sweetener to whipped cream EVER. As a kid, before I knew about keto, we never added sugar when we whipped cream, it’s sweet enough, yet other families did and it was yuk. I think as people trying to lose weight, we shouldn’t be adding an unnecessary ingredient to something when it’s absolutely not needed.

  3. Hey Kim! Well….it’s difficult to measure because it depends on how fluffy your whipped cream comes out. The nutrition is based on four servings so a serving is 1/4 of the recipe. I hope this helps. Cheers!

  4. 5 stars
    could you share what one serving is, thanks so much, going to definitely make this recipe ; )

  5. Hey Carol!

    What wizardry is this? Thanks so much for the tips! I have not made coconut whipped cream but I have had a can of coconut milk in the fridge for a month or three to try it lol. A stabilizer would be ah-mazing to keep in the fridge for a quick snack with berries. You made my day!

  6. 5 stars
    What is your take on coconut whipped cream? I have made This and it’s wonderful. Are you aware that if you add some gelatin with a fluid (rum) to the end of the whipping it acts as a stabilizer? Zap it in the microwave and then let it cool before adding it in the whipping cream. Keeps whipped cream fresh for days. No runny mess.

  7. 4 stars
    I used orange extract. Love it with chocolate. These are very soft but good taste. I made a double batch. Feeling confident.

  8. 5 stars
    We make this all the time. We first wanted something to try with our new Kitchen Aide. This is so easy now we make it all the time.