Keto Bread Anxiety

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As humans our connections to bread is not nutritional. You could never eat bread again, and you would be just fine …. nutritionally.

But not having bread can cause Keto bread anxiety because culturally socially and psychologically we are connected to bread.

This is actual Keto Almond Yeast Bread

The Issue of the Week: Keto Bread Anxiety

I have been Keto for years now, and it is a pretty well settled habit at this point.

For me there is no carb counting, no macro tracking, and I don’t even get on the scale any more.

I have a well established routine.  I could be the poster child for Lazy Keto.

But the other day, Brandy noticed that by far our most popular posts on are Keto Bread Recipes.

So then Brandy fired up the way-back-machine for me, and helped me remember that I was not always the Poster Child for Lazy Keto.

When I started Keto, I wanted BREAD.

The first recipes we posted on were bread, and that’s because I wanted bread. And not just any bread…really GOOD bread.

True thing humans we are evolved to crave carbs, but bread is more than just another carb.

When you start Keto you know that you are going have stop eating sweet stuff because that’s the deal. And – at least for me – giving up sweets was easy.

Overeating sweets – in evolutionary terms – is a very recent phenomenon.

In cultural terms sweets are not the same. Until the 1940’s, sugar and sweets were not available except at the end of summer when the fruit is ripe.

Bread on the other hand, has been an important year-round carb for over 6,000 years.

Bread is what people made with the grain that they grew when humans started farming about 12,000 years ago.

Psychologically giving up bread and giving up sweets is different. 

Hospitality and socializing is often referred to as “breaking bread,” I’ve never heard it called “breaking a candy bar.”

Bread is synonymous with food – “give us this day our daily bread.” doesn’t feel the same ring as “give us this day our daily cake.”

And if there is someone who doesn’t like the smell of fresh baked bread, well I certainly haven’t met them.

Now here comes Keto.

First, Keto gurus tell you that fat is good for you, and that’s hard because it goes against 50 years of health dogma and marketing.

And now Keto people say to stop eating bread. 

But that’s not just marketing, that’s 10,000 years of baking and at least six thousand years of human culture.

Bread cravings can be satisfied while staying Keto.

Keto has gotten so popular, that the food industry is starting to get on board.

At my house, we get the low carb tortillas from the store, they even have them here in the sticks where we live.

You can get Keto breads online and probably at fancy health food stores.

When I started this Keto journey there were not any low carb bread options at the store.  

Now, there’s Keto bread at Costco, and it’s pretty good if you want to make toast or a grilled cheese or what not.

Many of these items include ingredients that I can’t pronounce and that makes me suspicious.

If you’re considering buying “Keto” bread, I would still caution you to carefully read the nutrition label. Keto’s popularity as a health trend makes the word “Keto” an effective marketing tool that translates into BIG money for marketers.

Maybe this will come as a big shock, but there are people who will use the word “Keto” to sell stuff that is high in processed carbohydrates and inflammatory fats.

Just cause the label says “Keto” doesn’t mean it actually is. We try to warn our readers but you have to be your own advocates here.

If you want Keto Bread, and you want to know what’s in it – it’s still best to make your own.

Some of the bread recipes are eggy and a little dense, but they make really good toast.

LCHF High Fiber Bread

This is our LCHF/ Keto Bread.  It is super easy to make and it is really good.

Maybe you need bread now.  You just can’t wait the 45-50 minutes for the LCHF/Keto Bread. 

That’s no problem. You can make Keto bread in the microwave in less than two minutes, with our Two Minute Burger Bun.

We have a whole section of Two minute microwave recipes here.

Still, you may want bread that tastes like “real bread”. (Or damn close anyway).

We’ve got that for you too.  Keto Almond Flour Yeast Bread was my first bread recipe, and it is still my favorite.

Almond Flour Yeast Bread
Almond Flour Yeast Bread, no eggs, made with vital wheat gluten which is low carb and Keto friendly

No eggy-ness, has the texture of bread and a slightly nutty flavor.  For real, I love this bread.

If you want a…

Visit the Bread Section to see all the great bread recipes. 

The bottom line is that there is no need to fuss.  You can have your bread and Keto too.

Nutrition/Macro Information

This is a big difference between and most other “Keto” recipe sites.

On all of the our recipes – we have the important macro nutrient information clearly stated so you know what you’re eating.

We not only give you the net carbs, we have the carb, protein and fat proportions.

So you know what that looks like here is the bottom Keto 5-Minute Egg McMuffin recipe card:

Macro Nutrition Info 5 minute Egg McMuffin

The Takeaway

Bread Anxiety comes from deep cultural, social and psychological needs.

It is much more than carb cravings that cause us to desire the experience of bread.

And don’t worry, you can have the feeling of bread without the carbs.

And there you have it, How you too can overcome your bread anxiety and stay in ketosis.
That’s all for now, See you Next Week,

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