How Weight Affects Your Bank Account

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Welcome, fellow Low carb and business enthusiasts! Ever wonder how weight affects your bank account?

Today, we’re diving into a touchy topic that hits close to home for many of us: the surprising relationship between shedding those extra pounds and improving our financial health. I am sick of hearing that talking about money or weight is gauche.

I have been hearing some disturbing feedback about Keto and Low Carb Living- mostly that it’s too hard to sustain and that it is too expensive. Yes, the inflation has been hitting everyone pretty hard and to be honest, it’s depressing.

Well, I am here to help. No, I won’t give you more tips on saving money on Keto groceries today. I am here to connect the dots between your health and your pocketbook.

Fact: healthier people are wealthier and wealthier people are healthier:

Yes, I love to cook. But did you know that I also have an MBA in Finance? Yep. I do. So instead of writing five new recipes every week – which this site is FULL of, I would like to address some other benefits of getting healthy. And, balanced well-being instead of just a recipe your next meal.

So please, just lend me the benefit of the doubt and stay with me for a few minutes…

We’ll explore how weight loss can impact various aspects of our lives, particularly focusing on the financial benefits, not just fitting your butt into those cute, tiny jeans.

As someone who has struggled with weight gain, I understand how painful it is to think about tying your professional value to your body weight. I really do. It hurts and causes shame. And, around here we think shame is B.S.

The Weighty Toll on Financial Health:

It’s no secret that carrying extra weight can take a toll on our physical health, but the impact on our financial well being is often overlooked.

For example: studies have shown that overweight individuals, especially women, can face several challenges in the workplace that directly affect their earning potential.

As unfair as it may be, appearance stereotypes persist, and they can lead to lower salaries, missed promotions, and limited growth opportunities.

Healthcare Expenses: A Heavy Burden:

Another connection between weight and financial health becomes abundantly clear is healthcare expenses and services.

Being overweight or obese increases the higher risk of developing chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular risk factors, diabetes, and certain cancers.

These ailments often require ongoing medical services, prescriptions, and treatments, all of which can drain our bank accounts faster than we can say “kale smoothie.”

Time Is Money, and Illness Equals Lost Time:

In addition to the financial strain of healthcare expenses, being overweight can lead to increased sick days and time off work due to illness. That can add up to A LOT of money over time.

Whether it’s battling a recurring flu or dealing with more severe health issues, prolonged absences from work can negatively impact our careers and make paying bills difficult.

The missed opportunities, lost productivity, and potential damage to our professional reputation can hinder our financial growth by making it impossible to save money.

Discrimination: The Invisible Weight of Bias:

Another unfortunate reality is that obese individuals often face discrimination and bias in the workplace. And, this is even more true for women. (Which is 90% of our readership around here.)

No, your body weight should not affect your income but studies show that obese women are often passed over for promotions, salary increases and are more likely to remain unemployed than their male counterparts who have the same ratio of body fat. Yep, don’t shoot the messenger, I know it seems like weight should be included in the guidelines for discrimination but check this out…

Quote from the EEOC:“Under the laws enforced by EEOC, it is illegal to discriminate against someone (applicant or employee) because of that person’s race, color, religion, sex (including gender identity, sexual orientation, and pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability or genetic information. It is also illegal to retaliate against a person because he or she complained about discrimination, filed a charge of discrimination, or participated in an employment discrimination investigation or lawsuit.”

Did you notice that weight isn’t included?

From subtle microaggressions to outright prejudice, these unfair judgments can lead to missed job opportunities, lower job satisfaction, and stagnant career progression.

The financial implications of this discrimination are significant, as promotions and raises may be harder to come by for those facing weight-related biases.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel: A Healthier, Wealthier You:

Now that we’ve shed light on the financial challenges faced by obese individuals, let’s explore how making healthy lifestyle choices can manage to transform our lives, both physically and financially.

Improved Physical and Mental Well being:

Embarking on a weight loss journey goes beyond just shedding pounds; it’s about embracing a healthier lifestyle and a positive mindset. Use all of the tools available to benefit your body.

Regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and self-care practices not only help us shed weight but also improve our physical and mental well-being. Increased energy levels, improved concentration, and enhanced mood can boost our overall productivity and performance, contributing to our financial success.

Savings Galore: Financial Benefits of Weight Loss:

As the number on the scale decreases, so does the strain on our wallets.

By adopting a healthier lifestyle, we can reduce healthcare expenses significantly. Fewer doctor visits, prescription costs, and medical interventions translate into substantial savings over time.

Imagine what you could do with that extra cash – invest it, save for retirement, or even treat yourself to a well-deserved vacation!

Confidence is Key:

As we shed the weight and gain confidence and balance in our newfound healthy selves, we become more resilient in the face of workplace bias.

Increased self-assurance allows us to tackle challenges head-on, advocate for ourselves, and pursue professional opportunities fearlessly.

This empowerment can break down barriers and open doors to promotions, salary increases, and career advancements, ultimately bolstering our financial prospects.

Actionable Tips for Success:

Lost weight really can add up to a larger savings account. I HAVE SEEN IT IN MY OWN LIFE. And, in my research.

Better overall health can lead to gaining productivity, less overdraft fees, lower interest rates, better credit offers, less debt, higher average salaries, more investment opportunities.

And to anyone who says money can’t buy happiness, I say it’s not only about the savings account. It’s about your quality of life and the freedom that being paid what you are worth brings with it.

Seek Support:

Surround yourself with a network of like-minded individuals who understand your goals and can provide encouragement and accountability.

Set Realistic Goals:

Break your weight loss journey into achievable milestones. Celebrate each milestone as a victory, keeping you motivated for the long haul.

Make It Fun:

Explore enjoyable physical activities and delicious low-carb recipes to make your journey enjoyable and sustainable.

Educate Yourself:

Stay informed about nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness. Knowledge is power!

Invest time in Yourself:

Consider how hard it is to keep going when your mindset isn’t good.

Meditation and affirmation can really help when you have a big goal in front of you . Your body doesn’t starve on a low carb diet but sometimes, when your inhibitions are low because of all the daily stress…it’s easy to slip. Setting the tone in the morning and evening with a simple affirmation can truly help.

Health And Wealth Connection Conclusion:

As we’ve discovered, the relationship between losing weight and financial health is complex. By shedding those extra pounds, we not only improve our physical and mental well-being but also pave the way for increased financial success.

From reducing healthcare expenses to combating workplace bias, adopting a healthier lifestyle can positively impact every aspect of our lives.

So let’s embrace this opportunity to transform ourselves, both physically and financially, and enjoy a healthier, wealthier future. Feed your soul along with your body and keep moving forward.

Defy the divide and topple traditions! You’ve got this!


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    Thanks for this post. I knew my weight was affecting my job but I was struggling to start keto. This gave me the boost I needed.

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    Wow- I never thought of my weight affecting my money but it makes sense. It’s such a sensitive subject. Thanks for being brave enough to write about it. You guys rock!

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    Please write more of this. It seems like my motivation has been waning to lose weight lately but this kicked me back into gear. Thank you.