Keto Personal Pizza Recipe

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This is a super quick and super easy keto two minute pizza recipe. 

If you need a quick lunch there is nothing that says convenience like a microwave pizza. 

And the nostalgia – for me at least – this brings back fond memories of my youth.

In college there was those little frozen pizzas, that if you doctored them with some extra hot sauce and had them with a beer it made a passable meal.

Or when my daughter was tiny we used make “super-dad” pizzas with tortillas, spaghetti sauce, cheese and pepperoni from the deli.

Now I’m Mr. Keto, but I still want a easy microwave pizza once in a while and – to be honest – I was shocked at how good this recipe turned out.

I think with one of these keto two minute pizzas and a vodka-soda, I could feel like that college kid and still maintain my Keto diet.

Just FYI Vodka Soda has Zero carbs and there are lots of ways to enjoy a low carb adult beverage.

And I made one – a pizza not a vodka-soda – for Ada and she said I am still “Super Dad.”

Fill in your own nostalgia and this gluten free, low carb pizza will fill in the rest with deliciousness.

Or you could just make pizza for a really quick & satisfying meal.

You can make the whole thing from start to finish in less than five minutes!

2 Minute Pizza Ingredients

This looks like more stuff than it really is.

And it is all stuff that is common to a Keto pantry:  coconut flour, grated Parmesan cheese and almond flour.

I didn’t have to go to the store for anything.

I don’t know if everyone has pepperoni in the fridge, but that’s optional anyway.

Tip for the Keto Two Minute Pizza: Tomatoes or Tomato Sauce

You may notice in the picture there is a tomato and not tomato sauce, that is because I have found that thinly sliced tomatoes are easier, and I like the taste better. 

I also had tomatoes and I didn’t have tomato sauce.

If you prefer to use tomato sauce be sure to check the label as most “pizza sauce” has added sugar.

The tomato sauce that is just pureed tomatoes has less than 1 carb per tablespoon.  

One quarter of fresh tomato also has less than one net carb.

There are pre-made pizza sauces or pasta sauce and some of them are pretty tasty but almost all of them have added sugar.

You can make your own sauce complete with that Italian flavor by adding a splash of red wine or red wine vinegar, and a little garlic powder and Italian seasoning to  your tomato sauce.

Recipe Tip: Spices

One of the problems I have had, and maybe you have too is that “diet food” tastes bad – and that is if it has any taste at all.

A skinless boiled chicken breast with no salt on a bed of lettuce with no dressing? really?

I always say that the measurements for the spices are just suggestions.

This is one of the great things about Keto, when we say salt and pepper to taste we mean until it tastes good to you.

I love spicy food – I put hot sauce on everything.

Maybe you don’t love to feel the burn and that’s okay, it is your food.  I encourage you to make your food how you want it.

If you would like turmeric and ginger for pizza toppings, that’s cool. Have fun with it.

By the same token,  If you just like a plain cheese pizza that is just fine too.

Keto Two Minute Pizza tip: The Ideal Bowl

2 Minute Pizza Ideal Bowl

The ideal bowl to cook this in is an 8″ salad bowl that is about 1-1/2″ deep.

This will allow you to mix the batter that will become the crust in the same bowl that you cook it in. It saves on dishes and since I am the appointed dishwasher at my house…I try to keep it simple.

You can spread the batter out on the flat bottom of the bowl and it will make a 5″ pizza that is not too thick.

Recipe Tip: Make Pizza on a Plate

It occurred to me that some of you out there in Keto land might not have a shallow salad bowl with gently sloping sides – in fact I am not really sure why we have them it’s just something that was in the kitchen.

And it occurred to Brandy that some of you all may want a bigger but thinner pizza.(That woman loves cheese.)

Don’t despair, you don’t have to buy new china, you can make your pizza on a plate.

2 Minute Pizza spread on plate.

The way to do this is mix the batter in a small mixing bowl.  

The coconut flour will make it stiff – almost like regular pizza dough but not quite.

Use the back of a spoon to spread it to the desired size in the middle of the plate.

When you spread the batter out like this, it is best to make it a little thinner in the middle because a microwave cooks the edges first.

When you add the toppings, add the heavier items towards the edges as well.

It may also be necessary to microwave it a little longer to melt the cheese.

2 Minute Pizza done on plate

Keto Balance

Along with all the flavor and style, this pizza has about 524 calories. 

With 12 calories from carbs, that’s 3%.

404 calories from fat, that’s 77%

 108 calories from protein and that’s 20%

There are 8 grams of fiber.

This is a great Keto recipe to keep you on target and feeling good.

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Keto two minute pizza recipe gluten free low carb

2 Minute Pizza

Quick easy and satisfying pizza recipe. Low carb and Gluten free.
4.34 from 6 votes
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 2 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Course dinner, lunch, Main Course
Cuisine American, Italian
Servings 1 Serving
Calories 524 kcal


Microwave Safe Plate
Mixing Bowl



  • In a shallow wide microwave safe bowl or mug (I recommend a salad bowl 8" diameter by 1-1/2" deep.) add oil ,almond milk, almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, Parmesan cheese and Italian seasoning. Beat it like your making an omelet. I use a fork for this.
  • Spread the mixture evenly in the bottom of the bowl and microwave mixture on high for 90 seconds and remove.
  • Top your pizza with tomatoes or tomato sauce, any other veggies you might want – use your imagination.
  • Top this with the mozzarella and top of all the pepperoni. (the pepperoni is optional but everybody likes pepperoni…right?)
  • Microwave for another minute or until the cheese is melted.


Calories: 524kcalCarbohydrates: 7gProtein: 27gFat: 43gSodium: 993mgFiber: 4gNet Carbs: 3gFat Ratio per Serving: 73.85%Protein Ratio per Serving: 20.61%Carb Ratio per Serving: 2.29%
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Cheers and Keto On,

Thom Collins

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  1. Hi Jenny! That sounds delicious! I love fresh basil with tomato. Sorry it made your crust soggy. That’s one of the main reasons I started using tomatoes instead of sauce…plus I love the way it tastes. But the great thing about it is that any topping will work. Thanks for commenting, it really helps other readers out. Cheers!

  2. I finally got around to making this today and really enjoyed it! I will say that I went with the idea in the post of using fresh tomato slices in lieu of sauce but I’m not sure I’d do it again because it made the crust soggy. Anyway, my pizza with whole milk mozzarella and homegrown tomatoes and basil was mighty fine. Thank you for a super easy meal recipe!