Keto Pumpkin Muffins Recipe

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‘Tis the pumpkin spice season!

And around here we celebrate the seasons with great Keto Food.

So we offer our new Keto Pumpkin Muffins Recipe.

Your whole family is going to love these – my family sure did.

Brandy and Ada had a couple each – I won’t say how many I had – but it wasn’t easy setting some aside so my Mom could tell me how much she likes them too.

Pumpkin Spice: The Flavor of the Season

When I was a little kid, I thought that the flavor of pumpkin pie was from the pumpkin.

I couldn’t wait for the fall, because after Halloween, my mom would take the jack 0’lantern and cut it up, bake it, puree it and make pumpkin pie.

I have always loved pumpkin pie and pumpkin cake and pumpkin smoothies.

The pumpkin is only a part of it, it’s the pumpkin spice that really makes it for me.

You can buy pumpkin spice and if you’re pressed for time that is a pretty good way to go.

Pumpkin spice is a combination of ginger, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and garlic – not really, there’s no garlic.

But if you have the time, it is better and less expensive if you make your own.

Pumpkin Spice
Yup, it's pumpkin spice season - it was once called Fall or Autumn. Now peaple are asking for pumpkin spice everything. I was in the park the other day and I saw ants gather at a pumpkin spice latte spill - they made plans do brunch and yoga and then ran to find more pumpkin spice. There are no carbs in the spice itself, so if you don't want to spend too much on the premixed spice here's the recipe. It's Keto and it's really easy.
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How to make your own Pumpkin Spice Recipe

Keto Recipe Tip: Pureed Pumpkin

Pureed Pumpkin is not the same as pumpkin pie filling.

With pumpkin pie filling, you open the can and pour it in a pie shell and bake it.  It is not Keto, at least I have never seen a Keto version.

Pureed pumpkin should only have one ingredient – pumpkin.

Nutrition Tip: Pumpkin is a Super Food

It breaks my heart to see all of the pumpkins that are wasted on jack o’ lanterns.  

It is true that pumpkin is not the lowest carb food – there are about 10 net carbs in a cup of cooked pumpkin.

But the nutrition includes a potassium, magnesium, manganese and copper minerals that are important to Keto.

There are also Vitamins A, C, and K. 

Pumpkin Seeds are among the world’s healthiest foods and pretty keto-ish too.

They are high in magnesium potassium, calcium and Omega 3, and if you eat them with the shells they have lots of fiber.

They are also higher in protein than any other plant source, including peanuts and soy beans.

Check this out.

Okay enough about the virtues of pumpkins – suffice it to say they are worth the carbs.

Now onto making the Keto Pumpkin Muffins

Recipe Tip: Get the Clumps Out of the Almond Flour.

We keep our almond flour in the freezer, and it gets all clumped together.

I thought if I just mixed it for a while with the Kitchen Aid all of the clumps would fall apart, but they all just got stirred around.

I found the easiest way to get them out is by smashing them with a fork.

Recipe Tip: How you know when Keto Pumpkin Muffins are done.

All of you who are experienced bakers are going to roll your eyes at this because apparently it’s common knowledge but I am here to help the new bakers too so…

When you turn on the oven light and it looks like muffins or cupcakes or sweet breads are done, you can check them by poking your treat with a toothpick.

If the toothpick comes out with muffin batter stuck to it you need to bake a little longer (I set a timer for 5 more minutes)

You might want to use this recipe to make mini Keto pumpkin muffins or a loaf of pumpkin bread.

You don’t have to guess when they are done if you use this technique.

How to Make Keto Pumpkin Muffins Toothpic test

Easy Recipe Tip: Use Muffin Liners

As I said before, we believe that Keto should be healthy, easy and delicious. 

This recipe is healthy and delicious, and if you want make it easy get some muffin liners.

I have never had great luck with trying to grease the muffin tin, and muffin liners will never stick to the pan.

Getting your muffins out in one piece and clean up will be a breeze if you use them.

Recipe Tip: Extracts are Optional

I made these without the maple and vanilla extracts that I had planned to put in sort of by accident, and they were delicious.  Definitely no shortage of taste.

I had to know so, I made them again with the maple extract and vanilla, and again they were delicious –  but there was a difference.

With the extracts, they taste a little sweeter, the spices melded a little more.

To me they tasted a little more breakfast-y, like our French Toast Muffins.

Keto French Toast Muffins Recipe
If you miss French Toast, the Keto French Toast Muffins will be just the craving killer that you have been waiting for. Your whole family will love them. and as a special bonus they are really easy to make.
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Keto Pumpkin Muffins recipe gluten free low carb

Amazing Keto Pumpkin Muffins

Perfect for breakfast or dessert, These low carb pumpkin muffins will please the whole family.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Course Breakfast, Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American, gluten free, Keto, Low Carb
Servings 12 muffins
Calories 181 kcal


muffin tin.
Cupcake Liners
Mixing Bowl
Rubber Spatula



  • Preheat oven to 325
  • Grease a muffin tin or use muffin liners.
  • In a large mixing bowl, combine almond flour, erythritol baking soda, salt & pumpkin spice. Mix until well combined.
  • In smaller bowl, combine the eggs, pumpkin puree, butter, (maple & vanilla extract if using). Stir until smooth. add mixture dry ingredients in the larger bowl and mix until completely combined
  • Use an ice-cream scoop or serving spoon to scoop the batter into the mini muffin tin.
  • Bake for about for 25 minutes or so. Use the toothpick test to see if they are done. (when you can poke a muffin with a toothpick and it comes out clean the muffins are done)
  • Enjoy them hot as soon as they come out of the oven, or allow them to cool for later.


Calories: 181kcalCarbohydrates: 6gProtein: 6gFat: 16gSodium: 247mgFiber: 3gNet Carbs: 3gFat Ratio per Serving: 79.56%Protein Ratio per Serving: 13.26%Carb Ratio per Serving: 6.63%
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The nutrition information for the Keto Pumpkin Muffins is provided as a courtesy and we endeavor to be accurate, but if it doesn’t look quite right. Please feel free to do your own calculations.

Thank you for checking out my post and Keto On!

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