Keto Egg Salad

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This easy Keto Meal takes just a few minutes to make and you can pack it up and go!

Keto meal prep is not difficult if you plan ahead. I like to keep some hard boiled eggs in the fridge in case I need a snack or a quick and easy lunch like this one.


If you are short on time, check out this rapid egg cooker. It makes hard boiled eggs in a flash…

When I first started the Keto diet I ate a lot of eggs…A LOT. I hadn’t really gotten in the groove of  Keto meal planning yet…

BUT, that’s okay… Eggs are good for you.

In the past there was some hub bub about egg whites versus egg yolks. Companies even stared selling cartons of egg whites like hot cakes because the egg was suddenly “bad” for us. Well, “they” (the USDA) was wrong. Eggs are a nutritious and wonderful part of the Keto Diet.

Why are eggs so wonderful?

Because eggs contain choline… that’s why. I am not going to get too sciency but this mineral is essential for brain health because it helps to maintain the structure of cell membranes.

And, choline facilitates neurotransmitters communication with one another.  Choline can also help curb mood swings, improve cognitive function, and memory. Good stuff!

Egg yolks specifically contain lutein and zeaxanthin which can ward off macular degeneration of the eyes, and reduce the risk of cataracts and glaucoma as well.

Not all eggs are created equal….

Free range, organic eggs contain more than twice the omega 3 essential fatty acids than do the eggs of caged chickens. The food industry didn’t understand this for a long time and now caging chickens is the norm. It makes sense that healthier, free range birds produce healthier eggs.

Of course they are more expensive but try to catch them on sale when you can…they are worth a little extra. I keep my eyes peeled on my “local” Facebook sales page because there are always people who are selling their homegrown eggs for about $5.00 per dozen.

One egg contains 5 grams of healthy fat that you need while in Ketosis.  They are fast and simple to make and contain zero net carbs.

Sometimes I eat them with just salt and pepper but this recipe makes an easy lunch for weekdays at the office.

Meal Planning is the easiest way to ensure that you stick to the low carb, high fat Keto Diet.

If you don’t eat eggs, you can swap them for tuna in this recipe and you are good to go.


Add baking soda to the water that you are boiling the eggs in and soak in ice cold water for about 30 minutes when done.

They should be completely cold before you try to peel for maximum ease.

Egg Salad FI

Delicious Keto Egg Salad

Thom Collins
Easy Keto Lunch. Enjoy on a lettuce leaf for a portable and satisfying lunch.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes
Course Main Course
Cuisine American
Servings 1 Serving
Calories 131 kcal


Large Mixing Bowl


  • 2 Medium Hardboiled Eggs
  • 2 tbsp Mayonaise
  • 1 tbsp Mustard
  • 1 tsp Relish not sweet
  • 1/4 tsp Dill Weed
  • Salt and Pepper to taste


  • Chop the Eggs into small chunks.
  • Mix Ingredients in a bowl.
  • Enjoy!


Enjoy alone, on celery stalks or on a lettuce leaf.  You can also enjoy delicious egg salad on a keto tortilla or on keto almond flour bread.
The nutritional calculations on this site were obtained from the USDA Database. We provide them as a courtesy and do our best to ensure the information is as accurate as possible. But you should feel free to do your own calculations if you like. Net carbs are what you should be concerned about while on the Keto Diet.


Calories: 131kcalCarbohydrates: 1.2gNet Carbs: 1.2gCarb Ratio per Serving: 3.66%
Keyword Easy and Delicious Keto Egg Salad, easy and portable keto lunch, Easy Keto Egg Salad Lunch
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Eating Keto doesn’t have to be boring. You have tons of options.

I really like this egg salad and it can be dressed up if you want to make it special for a Sunday Brunch.

Just like any cooking, Keto can be fast and easy or as elaborate as you want it to be.


Changing the accoutrements will change the nutritional information but it can easily be calculated on VeryWellFit’s recipe calculator. They seem to go by the pretty much the same standards as the USDA, but make sure you check this out for yourself.


I love avocados and they provide a lot of the healthy fat you need while in Ketosis. If you would rather use a natural source of fat in your recipe, avocados are the ticket. Just swap them with the mayonnaise.

Avocados don’t keep for long once they have been opened so make sure you only make as much as you can eat that day. If you want to make egg salad for the whole week, add the avocados in separately each day or it could turn nasty in a hurry.


You can serve this salad on crackers with a slice of cherry tomato on top to make a beautiful appetizer. I love chives and sprinkled some on top for a nice looking appetizer at a party recently.

Check out these almond flour crackers.  They go perfectly with this recipe.

Celery or Red Onions:

Neither celery nor red onions will add any carbs to this recipe. I like some crunch in my egg salad and add both of these ingredients unless I am too short on time. The calories they add are negligible so don’t worry about blowing your calorie count.

Bacon bits:

You can add bacon bits for some extra flavor, but add real bacon if you have time. I am not a fan of the jarred variety because of the amount of processing but if you like them give it a go.


Ohhh how I love black olives and they go great with eggs. They look beautiful against the creamy yellow and would dress it up if you are serving this recipe to guests.

The options are endless if you use your imagination.

When I started the Ketogenic Diet my extended family was very concerned that I was going to become one of those people who complain at parties that there is nothing to eat. You know the ones….those who talk incessantly about what they can and cannot eat because of this ailment or that?

You don’t have to do that on the Keto Diet. Just bring a nice appetizer that you can share with others and eat whatever else is Keto Friendly. There is bound to be something, you just have to use a little imagination to find it.

I recently went to a barbecue and ate the hamburger that was served to me on the bun. I didn’t eat the bun… I just used it as a way to hold my burger and tore the bun off as I went. It was no big deal and I don’t think anyone even noticed. Everyone was happy.

Speaking of happiness, check out these Keto desserts.  See how you can keep on track with your diet while still satisfying your need for treats…..

You can have your cake and eat it too…check out this easy Chocolate mug cake.


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