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If you are new to the Keto Diet you are in the right place!

Because the Keto Diet has been so popular there are a lot of pop-up, overnight type websites giving out some pretty bad (and even dangerous) advice about Keto.

We don’t roll like that around here.

In fact, this website started out being about a different subject entirely a couple of years ago.

We know that starting the Keto Diet can be confusing.

We evolved and started promoting Keto because it has had a tremendously positive impact on our lives. And, we want to help others in this journey.


Check out this before and after Keto pic…damn!


Why we do it…

Health is a lifestyle…

Without health, nothing else is as enjoyable as it could be. All of the love and wealth in the world can’t be enjoyed without your body feeling as good as it possibly can. That is the truth behind why we blog about getting healthy, losing weight and healing your body.

Thom (the Keto Expert around here) studies the Keto Diet like his life depends on it. Because it does, and Keto has improved his health in a way that’s difficult to describe.

For over a decade he was chained to the costs and nasty side effects of high blood pressure and gout medications. His joints were inflamed and painful.

Six weeks into the Keto Diet he was released from taking those meds with his doctors approval! He healed his body with the Keto Diet…the “Healthy Keto Diet” and exercises daily without pain.

Exercise is a relative term around here…it’s mostly playing.

Things like skiing moguls with his daughter, running and hiking through the mountains with his dogs, playing golf and biking are all back on the list of things that Thom does when he’s not blogging about the Keto Diet.

Ah-mazing! A few short years ago, any of these activities would have left him tired and sore for days.

What we do around here…

We promote a healthy Keto Diet that includes lots of great food, good fats and tons of fiber.

We also post recipes that we have tried and answer questions about issues with the Keto Diet.

What we don’t do around here..

We don’t argue about the validity of the Keto Diet. The way we did it and continue to do it worked for us. We know there are other bloggers out there promoting an unhealthy version Keto Diet.

We don’t promote the bacon and cheeseburger diet.

Sure we think a cheeseburger is okay once in a while and we’re not going to shame anyone about it.  This diet is about balance…

We also don’t give out medical advice. That’s what you pay your doctor for. Thom can help guide you when you are feeling overwhelmed or stalled. But this website is in no way a replacement for medical care, treatment or diagnosis.

What is Keto?

The Ketogenic Diet is based on the idea that eating a specific percentage of macro-nutrients each day will help you obtain your best possible health.

It’s a high fat, low carbohydrate diet. This goes against everything the health industry has been teaching for decades. We know. But there is actual science to back this up.

The Standard American Diet is a high carb, low fat diet depicted on the food pyramid that you all were shown in kindergarten. Guess what? This “old” S.A.D. diet makes us fat…all of us.

And, you can’t exercise yourself healthy or thin while eating this way. There are not enough hours in the day.

You can read about the science behind this and Keto Safety in this post.

There is a lot of information on this page as well…check it out.

So let’s get started with a Keto Checklist…

There is some good info below but if you want to start checking off your Keto Lifestyle Checklist you can do that too.

  1. Find out how much you should be eating with this free nutritional calculator.
  2. Check out the shopping list to see which foods are Keto Friendly (you’ll get a feel for what you should keep an eye out for)
  3. Check out Thom’s No Nonsense Keto Guide. (He explains how to get to Ketosis and how you can make it a habit)
  4. Print, save or memorize the shopping list for the meal plans in the No Nonsense Keto Guide when you are ready to start losing weight.
  5. Check out the Lifestyle tips. (Posts in this area go over sweeteners and answers questions about Keto & Alcohol)
  6. Find a recipe and start the Keto Habit today. (There are a ton if Keto friendly recipes these days)
  7. If you have questions please leave a comment below and we’ll help!

Find out how much you should be eating….


When you are first starting out with Keto, it’s a good idea to find out how much you should be eating.

You can do that right on this website for free…

You don’t have to sign up for anything if you don’t want to. But you can check out how much of each macro you should be eating each day with our free nutritional calculator here…

What are macros?

Macro-nutrients are the main compositions of the foods that we eat. Our calculators will personalize the fat, protein and carbohydrates you need to consume each day to meet your weight loss and health goals.

There are two calculators available for you to use.

There is a basic option where you can enter your info such as weight, age, gender and activity levels. And, there is a choice for a more in depth nutritional analysis based on specific body measurements to give more specific results in terms of risk factors and specific nutritional advice.

Either calculator will give you your daily calorie and macro-nutrient needs.

Check out the shopping list…

We have put together a HUGE shopping list so you know what to look for. The Keto Diet is easy to shop for once you get into the habit.

Check out the No Nonsense Keto Guide…

No Nonsense Cover wo meal plans

Thom put months into the research and put pen to paper so you don’t have to search everywhere for answers.

This guide includes answers about supplements and a step by step guide to the Keto Habit. You can do it!

You can get one on one support by emailing or see our Facebook Page for support from our Keto Community!

And we have put together a handy dandy shopping list for this guide that you can save or print out and take to the store.

The lifestyle section of this blog is a goldmine of FREE information about the Keto Diet in one stop!

Keto Diet Weight loss

Everyone always wants to check out the recipes and that’s just fine with us! We love to share good food. But if you want to know how the Keto Diet actually works than read these posts.

Check out the recipes…

There are so many great recipes for Keto these days. We only share our favorites and food that we have made ourselves.

That’s it!

You’re on your way to living a healthier lifestyle. We want to help so if you need any ideas or just some support leave us a comment.

Keto on people!

Brenna & Thom