Lose Weight on the Keto Diet!



If you’ve decided on Keto Congratulations.

You’re ready for low carb and all the benefits of Keto. Lose weight without starving, more energy and better focus just for starters.

If you know how it works Keto is easy. That’s why you need the No Nonsense Keto Guide. I thoroughly researched Keto because I’m the kind of nerd that questions everything – especially about my health.

I started Keto three years ago, I lost 50 pounds in eight months, and I have kept the weight off.

In easy to understand language I lay it for you: How and why Keto works so well. I show you how I made it work for me.

Above all, I show you how you can make Keto work for you.

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Still deciding if you want all the benefits of Keto? Read on

Keto works! It can make your life better in many ways.

Maybe you’re unhappy with your body. Or maybe you just don’t feel great.

Maybe you have real health issues like high blood pressure, or insulin resistance, or inflammation.

You might be just tired of taking all kinds of medications that seem to make things worse. (spoiler alert….I started Keto to lose weight, I have stayed Keto because I no longer have to take meds.)

Your health is your greatest asset and it should be your greatest concern.  No matter who you are, and no matter where you’re starting from, the Keto Diet can improve your health and your lifestyle.

At Castle in the Mountains, we don’t like the word “diet.”  It makes it sound like you’re going to punish yourself and choke down crappy food to starve yourself thin.

We don’t roll like that. Check out some of the delicious recipes you can eat on Keto. I’m a foodie and a wine snob, and Brenna may just be the best cook in the world. For me if the food was not good Keto would be a non-starter. Keto can be delicious, that’s why I have been doing it for three years.

Why I started the Keto Diet…

I was way too fat.  We like food around here and it showing.

My weight went up and down, but mostly up.  When I started Keto, my weight was fluctuating between 245 and 255.

When I started Keto, a little more than two years ago I was also chained to the nasty side effects and high cost of high blood pressure and gout medications.

I lost 50 pounds on the Keto Diet, I’ve kept it off, and no longer take any medication for anything.  My doctor says it looks like I cured myself of high blood pressure and gout.

I feel better than I have in at least a decade.

I spent thousands of hours researching Keto because that’s how I am.

And I wanted to tell everyone about all the exciting stuff that I found.

Brenna said I should write the No Nonsense Keto Guide because most people just don’t have thousands of hours to spend on research.

You want all the answers in one resource. 

before and after

This is really me right before Keto and then after about eight months after I started. I really did this on Keto and in No Nonsense Keto I tell you how I did it and how you can do it too.

In No Nonsense Keto

I break Keto down in easy to understand language. 

There are sections on:

What you should do to prepare for Keto.

Keto Supplements

How to avoid the Keto Flu

Meal Planning and Preparation.

No Nonsense Keto Guide 675 Buy Now

And, I am here for you.  If you read No Nonsense Keto and you still need more information.  You can join our Facebook group, or even email me.  I am here to help.

Need a Little More Proof?

How about Brenna’s Story

Thom helped me with the Keto Diet….

I was afraid of starting the Keto diet because of the Keto Flu. While I had seen Thom’s awesome results (because we’re married), I was still wary of getting the Keto Flu (which is awful), and I was afraid that it wouldn’t work for me.

I didn’t want to get my dieting hopes up and fail….again

I was a skinny kid but gained a lot of weight in my thirties. It packed on slowly and it wouldn’t come off no matter how much I exercised.

I would choke down salads and low-fat foods and then walk 3-4 miles a day with my dogs and nothing happened….

The only time I ever lost any weight at all was when I fasted. I had a serious a yo-yo effect going on and always gained more weight back than I lost.

I developed some really unhealthy coping mechanisms too. I felt bad.

I never developed high blood pressure but I was headed in that direction. My doctor warned me that I was pre-diabetic and to lay off of the sugar. I wasn’t eating much “processed” sugar but was shamed into thinking I was.

I was basically accused of sitting around all day and eating bon bons. I didn’t fight it. How could I argue? Look at this photo below…

I was being accused of lying, so I avoided these conversations and just gave a quick “okay” anytime my weight came up at the doctors office.

I didn’t put it together that ANY carbs at all and even fruit, which I don’t particularly care for anyway was putting me at risk.

You see, I was forcing myself to eat things that were harming me because of the USDA recommendations. I forced myself to eat oatmeal for breakfast and fruit all day long. And, it just kept making me fat and unhealthy.

I was sure that the only way to lose weight was to switch to an all celery diet forever….I just wasn’t willing to be the kind of miserable person that starving turns me into.

What Happened….

Brenna before and after

So I followed Thom’s guide and was sort of the “Guinea Pig”.

Sure, he recorded what worked for him. But what if it ONLY worked for him?

Or, what if it only worked for him because he’s a dude with a high metabolism?

I am in this blogging business too, so I wanted to put our money where our mouths are and try it for myself.

He had worked on this guide for months and he truly believed in the results. So I finally decided to get on board.

Now, I didn’t go full Keto right away. And, I still practice a lazy sort of Keto.

But when I decided to try out his guide, I followed the advice for 14 days and lost 8 pounds the first week. And, 4 pounds the following week.

That little bit of progress helped me stick with it. So we started this site last summer and haven’t fallen into our old habits. 

For those who say “Keto isn’t sustainable” I say “you haven’t tried any of our recipes yet.” This is doable..it doesn’t have to be hard either.

Since he wrote this guide Thom has helped hundreds of people get past the first few weeks of this lifestyle change.

This guide works people…and the one on one support isn’t something you are going to get anywhere else for $7.99. If I were you I would snatch it up now before he realizes how valuable his help actually is. It won’t last forever.

Keto On people…

No Nonsense Keto Guide 675 Buy Now


Why this guide is valuable…

  • You will get all of your answers in one place and stop chasing your tail all over the internet.
  • Thom spent the last year studying this diet and he can tell you exactly how to lose weight.
  • Thom is here to offer support on a one on one basis when you need it most.
  • Join our Facebook Group for Community Support.
One on One support
Keto Flu

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